Camp Conquest

Our summer camp program is finished for summer 2018; however, Camp Conquest can always use our help. Please contact the camp for details how.

2 Timothy 1:7

The theme for this year is STRONGER and the theme verse is 2 Timothy 1:7. The program will center on stories from the book of Daniel. The campers will learn of our strong God and the strength they can have from God and friendships with other believers.

Camp begins June 17, 2018 and runs in one week increments ending on July 13, 2018. Campers are divided into three ages groups: Pioneer (ages 7 to 9), Adventure (ages 10 to 12), and Quest (ages 13 to 15). If your teen wants to devote 3 weeks to being at camp participating in a leadership program, they can sign up for the STACC program (ages 15 to 17).

There is an Early Discount if you apply by May 1, 2018. There is also a Family Discount if you are sending more than one child to camp. If you feel you can’t afford sending your child(ren) to Camp Conquest, there is financial assistance available from the camp and from the church.

  • Volunteers:
    • With less than 20 days left until camp, below is a list of who is needed for which weeks. If you are able to help in ANY way or have any questions, please contact Camp Conquest.
    • June 16 – 22
      • Counselors – overnight: 1 male, 1 female; day: 2 people
      • Kitchen – 2 dish room, 1 food prep
      • AM Horse Helper
    • June 23 – 29
      • Counselors – overnight: 1 male, 2 female; day: 4 people
      • Kitchen – 1 food prep
      • Nurse – day: 1
      • Craft Volunteer
    • June 30 – July 6
      • Counselors – overnight: 4 male, 4 female
      • Nurse – overnight: 1
      • Horse Helper, Range Volunteer, Maintenance Volunteer
    • July 7 – July 13
      • Counselors – overnight: 3 male; day: 3 people
      • Kitchen – 1 dish room, 3 food prep
      • Nurses – overnight: 1; day: 1
      • Bus Driver

Other Camp Conquest Events:

Father/Daughter Camp: October 19 through 21, 2018 – If you want to try camp before going for a week, these are great opportunities. Please click the link for more details.

The Camp Conquest official website is You can also click on the logo at the top of the page or any of the links above.

If you wish to donate to Camp Conquest, you can donate directly and/or as you shop through AmazonSmile. If you use AmazonSmile, just sign in with your Amazon account and search for “Grace Brethren Retreat Center” as the charity. Just remember to start shopping at (instead of the main Amazon page).