If you are interested in any of the events, click on the links provided or contact the church for further details.

As winter weather makes the roads slippery and dangerous for all, please do not attempt to come if you do not feel safe driving in such conditions. We would rather miss you for a day than miss you for forever.

Sunday 9:00 am: The Gathering Place – Join us for fellowship, coffee, and snacks.

9:30 am: Sunday School – Adults: 1) One Hour, One Book video series by Pastor Randy Smith resuming at Romans and continuing through the New Testament, 2) Where’s Your Church Going? study on 1 Timothy, and 3) Ladies’ Reading Group: Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s “A Place of Quiet Rest”Teens will be studying the New Testament. Grades 4-6 will be studying Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st and 2nd Samuel. Grades 1-3 will be studying Old Testament superheros. Pre-School and Kindergarten is yet to be determined. Nursery care is available for infants through 2 1/2 years.

10:45 am: Family Worship – Children’s Church and Nursery care are available.

12:45 pm: Egyptian Plymouth Brethren – Worship in the Arabic language

2:00 pm: Manor Care Ministry – Ministering to the elderly and shut-ins at Manor Care. Next opportunity is December 9, 2018. See Silena Tigar if you are interested in assisting with this ministry.

4:00 pm: Filipino Worship

6:00 pm: Teen Time

6:00 pm: 1st Principles Bible Study

Monday Art of Marriage Study – “Building Up Your Husband” – Next meeting January 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm. Facilitated by Brad and Michelle Cassel.
Tuesday Moms of Military – A prayer and support group for parents of sons and daughters that serve in the military.  They will be having a family brunch on January 12, 2019.  Facilitated by JoAnn VanBilliard.
Wednesday Men’s Prayer Group – Men meet for prayer at the church from 6:30 to 7:30 am.

Sharing the Gospel – At 10:30 am, a couple of people go to Downtown Bethlehem to share the Gospel. If you are available and would like to go with them, meet at Lesle O’Hare’s home.

Active Seniors – For anyone over 55 years of age. They meet the third Wednesday of each month. The next meeting will be December 19, 2018 at 11:30 am. Join them in a Christmas carry-in lunch, fellowship, prayer, and a short devotional.

Worship Team Practice – At 7:00 pm, we meet to go over the music selections for Sunday morning worship. If you can play an instrument or sing, feel free to join us.

Women’s Prayer Group – At 7:10 pm, facilitated by Lesle O’Hare.

Thursday Ladies Reading Group – They meet at 9:30 am at the church.

Monthly Prayer Time:  Praying for Human Trafficking – The next prayer time is December 27, 2018 at 7:00 pm. The public is invited. Any questions, please contact Kate Zimmerman.

After School Good News Clubs – Please click the link or contact the church for more information.
LVGBC Ministry Team Meetings:


This Winter:  As we manage our way through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is important to remember what really matters to us. It could be family, friends, time for yourself, helping those less fortunate than you, anything that matters to you. We celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, during this time. For Christians, His birth, life, death, and resurrection is something that matters to us. During these dark, cold months after the glamour and lights of Christmas have been taken down, try celebrating the life of Jesus by living by the principles He taught us or read one of (or all) the Gospels in anticipation of Easter when we celebrate His death and resurrection. If you don’t know which books are the Gospels, they are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – the first 4 books of the New Testament.


December 13, 2018 – Homeless Ministry – Please pray for our folks who are involved with this ministry. We could still use some folks to assist in the kitchen and with spending time just talking with the homeless. You do not have to stay overnight. Just come when you can and leave when you must.

December 16, 2018 – Budget Meeting – If you want to know what we do with the money we collect every week, this is where you find out! We will be having a brief meeting after Morning Worship to review (and approve) the 2019 budget.  All are welcome to attend and voice their opinions and concerns, however only church members may vote.

December 24, 2018 – Candlelight Worship – Our Christmas Eve program starts at 6:00pm. The theme for this year is “Wise Men Still Seek Him”. Join us for an evening of great worship!

December 25, 2018 – Merry Christmas! Enjoy the day with your family and friends.

December 30, 2018 – New Year Communion – We will hold our Communion service Sunday morning with GraceWay Community Church at Donegan Elementary School. A brunch will be part of the service.

December 31, 2018 – TEEN’S New Year’s Eve Party – Our teens will be gathering here at the church for a New Year’s Eve party.

January 1, 2019 – Happy New Year!

January 6, 2019 – Thrive Time returns – Since we had a great experience last summer with Thrive Time, we are going to try it for 6 months in 2019. Beginning January 6, we will have Worship Time at 10:00 am followed by Thrive Time small groups at 11:20 am. This will give us more opportunity to get to know one another across all ages and share together our spiritual growth in many ways.